Botox and Fillers, and Med Spas!


We told you that honesty is our policy at Living With The Millers, so let's get real. Cut the small talk, let's get down to business: Botox and fillers, and med spas!

I once heard my friend, Laura, describe herself as "Organic with a side of Botox" and I realized omg there are other people out there like me! But I didn't know where to even begin with Botox, fillers, Retinol, or anything else in that realm. I had heard and seen amazing results, but felt overwhelmed and so nervous.

The first thing I did was start to investigate those around me- who had amazing skin that was so fresh and youthful and maybe it's genes or maybe it's Botox and ask them for guidance, which led me to my dear friend, Morgan who steered me right into Skin By Lovely. I booked a consultation and asked Rachelle, give it to me straight you won't hurt my feelings just tell me what you would do if you were me. After taking photos of my face and having me move my face into different expressions, scowls and squints, she did shoot me straight and I got Botox (as you'll see the areas she explains in the video) and filler in my tear troughs to fill in the dark circles and loss of volume from age (and I'm positive no sleep sleep from babies).

Watch this video to see and hear Rachelle Michelon, RN, injecting my face with Botox while explaining what Botox even is, explaining the process, benefits and options of where and how it can be used- and how to avoid the scary no expression brows! Also hear Brad ask if Botox cures RBF (Resting Bi*** Face)- I told you were keep it real around here, thanks Brad LOL!