Unique Antique Rug Curators We Love

photo cred:  @francesloom

photo cred: @francesloom

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photo cred: @loomandkiln

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photo cred: @thesouthernloom

photo cred:  @thesouthernloom

photo cred: @thesouthernloom


If you're anything like us, you've realized maybe Grandma's rugs are actually the coolest things ever. Put an antique rug in an updated room and watch the entire vibe transform.

We can spend hours just dreaming about the rugs we come across online and through instagram. Here's some of our very favorite sources:

The Southern Loom is my original guilty pleasure instagram rug account. Based out of Austin, you can even book appointments to tour the showroom. I've reached out to Laura directly, multiple times, with videos asking her to advise on the size of a rug she would put in certain areas and what colors she would recommend when I'm looking at rugs. Her standard of service is off the charts.

The saddest lesson I had to learn (so hopefully you don't have to repeat my mistake) : Buy the dream rug the minute you decide to. Don't wait.
I told myself I was going to accomplish a business goal by the end of the month and the minute I did I would go order my dream rug. This rug was huge, so it hadn't sold right away so I figured I had time. The minute I accomplished this business goal, I went straight to the site to order it, and IT HAS SOLD. So sad! I messaged Laura right away, and she even helped me keep track of when something similar came back into her collection. I can't recommend working with Laura and The Southern Loom enough!